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Eclat Treatment

Signature Treatment

Facial treatment with chemical peels

Promotes skin freshness and youthfulness

Reduces fine lines, acne marks and scars

Recommended for mature skin over 35 years old

Padrão Flamingo

What is it?

Eclat signature treatment. Gives skin health longevity.

Recommended for men and women.


What to expect from the treatment?

Rejuvenated skin.

Wrinkles are reduced, more hydration, closed pores and control of excessive oil.


What is the treatment method?  

It must be done in sequences of 3 to 6 treatments, at intervals of one week.

The treatment sequence and active ingredients to be used depend on the skin's needs.


Duration of treatment

1h15 of comfort and well-being.




Package purchases always have a reduced value.




Home Care

Cleanse and tone morning and night.  

Moisturize and protect from the sun every morning.

Nourish and vitaminize every night.

The recommendation and personalization of Home Care always has the help of a consultant or therapist.

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