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Lymphatic Drainage| From €46 Book Treatment here

Recommended for pre and post surgery, poor blood and lymphatic circulation (heavy legs), pathologies associated with circulation deficit and pregnant women.

Benefits: reduction of fluid retention, activation of circulation, general comfort and body cleanser.

Endermology (LPG) | 60 min. €50/unit | €620/pack 15 | €700/pack 20

Effective method to combat localized fat, cellulite and sagging. It is a mechanical massage using independent motorized rollers. Several sessions must be carried out, which vary depending on the problem to be treated.

Benefits: redesigned curves; volume and cellulite reduction; acquiring firmness. Results in short periods of time.


Himalayan Salt Massage | 60 min. €60

This is a detox therapy and stands out from others due to its effective and immediate effects. Ideal for those who need to detoxify the body and lose weight. This is a therapy that is compared to a dietary regimen. Made with natural pink Himalayan salt stones.

Benefits: Salt has a purifying and liberating effect that stimulates circulation, relieving muscle tension and pain, metabolism, osmotic balance and reinforces vital energy.

Peeling SPA | 40 min. €30

Full body massage made with exfoliant, essential oils and Shea butter. Suitable for all skin types. Recommended to do once a month.

Benefits: removal of dead skin cells, leaving it smooth, nourished and hydrated.

Modeling treatment with algae | 90 min. €65

Vigorous and deep massage treatment. Finish with a seaweed mask.

Benefits: shapes the body, firming it and stimulates the metabolization (burning) of localized fat.

Fitness/firming treatments| 90 min. €68

It is a firming, draining and shaping treatment that works the entire body. Recommended for those who practice physical exercise and want to shape their body. 

Benefits: models and defines the body, helps with weight loss.

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