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Ayurvedic massage | 60 min. €62

Full body massage with hot oils.

Benefits: minimize stress, states of melancholy, depression, insomnia and anxiety, prevents rheumatism and corrects body posture.

Express Massage| 20 min. €32

Short-term localized massage.

Benefits: muscle relaxation and minimizes pain.

Geothermal massage (stones) | 120 min. €72

Massage with volcanic stones.

Benefits: Induction of very deep levels of relaxation.

Pregnant Massage | 45 min. €55

Relaxing and sensorial massage with special protocol for pregnant women.

Benefits: Reduction of back and leg pain, increased skin hydration, helps prevent stretch marks.

Neuro-relaxing massage | 45 min  . €52  |  60 min. €60

Sensory massage that appeals to the senses and movements that restore the central nervous system.

Benefits: induces deep physical and mental relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage | 30 min. 42€  |  60 min. €64

Pressure massage that helps heal muscle tension.

Benefits: combats muscle fatigue, pain and optimizes well-being.

Yin and Yang massage (couple) | 90 min. €100

Relaxing massage with the interaction of the couple's energy, in a romantic environment.

Benefits: Harmony, sharing and strengthening emotional bonds between two people.

Elixir of Amor (couple)| 120 min. €142

With the properties of verbena oil, enjoy a well-being treatment for your face and body. Feel the magic of a true elixir in a purely romantic environment.
Benefits: Relaxation and hydration of the skin, leaving it with a satin touch.

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