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Wellness Packs


We have a range of specialized services at your disposal, which will provide you with a special price on your favorite treatments. Offer one of these health and beauty programs to someone special through a Gift Check exclusive to ECLAT.

For me

Well-being | on request

Facial Lifting Treatment, Deep hydration treatment for feet and hands.

Comfort | upon request  

Peeling SPA (body scrub), Therapeutic Massage 30min

Tranquility | on request

Personalized Facial Treatment, Body Scrub and Neurorelax Massage 60 min.

Zen | on request

Mini Facial Treatment, Salt Body Scrub and Relaxing Massage 45 min

For Couples

Silver Bride Package | upon request 

Mini Facial Treatment + Complete Epilation + Relaxing Massage 30 min + Bridal Makeup.

Gold Bride Package | upon request 

Personalized Facial Treatment + Complete Epilation + Body SPA Peeling + Relaxing Massage 60 min + Bridal Makeup.

Silver Groom Package| on request 

Mini Facial Treatment + SPA Peeling + Relaxing Massage 45 min.

Gold Groom Package | on request

Personalized Facial Treatment + Full Trunk Epilation + Neurorelaxing Massage 60 min

During Pregnancy

Pre-Mom Silver | on request

Pedicure and Manicure + Complete Epilation (includes eyebrow drawing) + Pregnancy Massage 45min.

Benefits: Prevents back pain and corrects posture and improves your health and well-being

Pre-Mommy Gold| on request

Foot and hand SPA + Complete Epilation (includes eyebrow drawing) + 45min Pregnancy Massage + Personalized Facial Treatment.

Benefits: Minimizes pregnancy stretch marks, back and leg pain, and improves your health and well-being

Postpartum  |  Schedule a Free Diagnostic Consultation

Personalized face and body treatments, focused on minimizing the impact of pregnancy on a woman's body.

Benefits: Minimizes muscle pain, Reduces edema and fluid retention, Maximizes the recovery of physical well-being

For Pre and Post Surgery

Personalized Treatments  |  Prices on request

We are specialists in pre and post surgical treatments. We provide advanced techniques for deep tissue hydration, with the aim of preparing the skin for surgery and optimizing its recovery. In post-surgical rehabilitation, we develop personalized technical treatments for each case, with a view to reducing edema, improving mobility and sensitivity, and avoiding fibrosis and hypertrophy in scars. 

Benefits: Reduces edema and fluid retention, Promotes rapid recovery of physical well-being, Prevents the appearance of post-operative problems

Para Mim
Para Noivos
Para Grávidas
Para Pre & Pós Operatório
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