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Manicure  |  45 min. 12€

Nail and cuticle treatment. Benefits: resistant nails and treated hand skin.


Pedicure  |  60 min. €24

Removal of corns, calluses and nail treatment.

Benefits: greater comfort of feet and treated nails.


Makeup prices on request

Action to beautify, highlight and attenuate aspects of the face.

Benefits: fix, paint, disguise and characterize the face (day/party/bridal makeup).


Waxing (women and men)  | prices on request

Epilation with waxes suitable for all skin types, normal or sensitive (women and men).

Happy Hour Packs | prices on request

Waxing packs for men and women.

Laser Treatment for Mycoses | Session . €30

Nail mycosis, or onychomycosis, is a fungal infection. Nails become deformed, yellow, thick and sometimes have a bad odor. The number of sessions varies depending on the stage of the infection.

Benefits: It has no side effects. You don't need any help at home, just a monthly pedicure. It is a treatment for initial infections and old infections.

Photoepilation  prices under evaluation

Laser hair removal technique. Suitable for all hair types, except white hair.

Benefits: Hair removal is progressive, with the aim of complete removal after a few sessions. It can be done on all areas of the body, on men and women. The skin also benefits from the laser, becoming smoother and softer.

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