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Pre and Post
Cosmetic Surgery

If you are thinking about having aesthetic or reconstructive surgery, look for a professional who will accompany you pre- and post-operatively.

The success rate of the surgery largely depends on follow-up.



Comfort and quick recovery from surgery are essential.

For this purpose, Eclat has accredited therapists who can help you return to your normal life more quickly.

PRE-Aesthetic Surgery


Removal of dead cells, exfoliation, massages with moisturizing and nourishing products.


Preoperative care

Invest in the integrity of the skin, keeping it hydrated, elastic and well vascularized.

This process involves the use of appropriate cosmetics and functional nutrition, removing the daily consumption of tobacco and alcohol. The better quality the skin has, the easier the plastic surgeon's job is. This makes recovery easier, specifically for scars.


POST-Aesthetic Surgery


Lymphatic drainage adapted to the type of surgery, to reduce edema and inflammation of the tissues involved.

At theimmediate post-operativeo, we use massage techniques called Voder and Godoy maneuvers. These are slow, rhythmic and repetitive maneuvers. They alleviate edema, reduce inflammation, provide well-being and increase mobility.

At thelate post-operative, which will be three to four days later, deeper maneuvers and according to the specificity and complexity of the surgery. For example Leduc technicians are more invasive.

Onumber of sessions indicated varies depending on the type of surgery. It can range from six to ten treatments, with a frequency of two to three times a week.


Eat several light meals throughout the day, with protein intake Alternate rest periods with movement.

Recommended Products



Liquid lotion, decongests the lymphatic system

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Vasco Artera

Vascularizing cream, eliminates purple stains, nourishes the skin and provides comfort



Regenerating cream, repairs damaged tissues and treats scars 

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Drainage hurt?

Does not hurt. Provides comfort and increases patient mobility. When edema is reduced, there is less tumescence and the tissues do not rub, which reduces inflammation.

How long does a lymphatic drainage session take?

It can go from 60min to 90min.


How long after surgery should I start drainage?

It should always be done according to the doctor's instructions and the type of surgery. It can be immediate or just days later.


After how long are scars treated?

After the stitches are removed and there are no wounds. Normally after three days without the stitches.

How much does it cost?

It varies from case to case. Get in touch with us and schedule a consultation.

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