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Ayurveda Therapy Achyuta Veda - dates 2024

Schedule now: the next session of Ayurvedic Therapies with Therapist Achyuta Veda, that will take place on 4th of march. Book your moment of well-being at ECLAT!

With a personalized holistic approach, Ayurveda Therapy helps to balance mind, body and spirit, promoting a feeling of well-being and harmony.

Ayurveda Therapy is an ancient Indian medicinal technique based on the principles of balance of body, mind and spirit, which treats each individual based on their unique individual needs.

AYURVEDA (Ayur = life / Veda = science) is an ancient Indian healing therapy in which the objective is to prolong life with quality and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Para mais informações contacte-nos Tel. 289 803075 ou Telm. 917 373 737

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